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Alterna has been a pioneer in the luxury haircare category, offering state-of-the-art formulas that have set industry standards since 1997. With a reputation built on expertise and innovative ingredients (such as caviar, seasilk, bamboo, and hemp), Alterna defines luxury haircare and continues to be sought after by salon stylists and beauty artisans worldwide.

Good for you Beauty:
“Alterna is conscious of the environment and your health, so what we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put in. We strive to be FREE OF: Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten, Phthalates, Sodium Chloride, Synthetic Color, DEA, TEA, Paraffin, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum & PABA.“


With Keune Color, our professional color lineup, a hair stylist has everything they need to create beautiful hair for clients like you. 

 With rich, creamy formulas, every color, lifting powder and developer performs to perfection without compromising hair health. Silk Protein work to protect the scalp and keep hair looking its best. Head over to your Keune salon and choose the color which suits you.


KEVIN.MURPHY is an all-natural line of salon only, professional, hair care products. They were born out of the need for weightless products that provided performance, 

strength, and longevity to support the client's ever-changing looks.
Inspired by nature's best, the Kevin Murphy line combines natural aromatherapy with runway-inspired style agents to cater to every hair type.
"The products are made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible, using pure essential oils, plant extracts, and natural antioxidants.  All KEVIN.MURPHY hair products are sulfate and paraben-free."


Pravana has an ancient Sanskrit meaning of "the source of all things" It all begins with ourselves. Pravana products are a unique hybrid of European artistry, ancient 

Mayan natural botanicals and innovation of American technology. The end result...a global fusion of excellence.
Strands is proud to offer Pravana to our clients. As expert Pravana specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Clayton, MO area. Our decision to offer Pravana to our valued customers is part of this commitment.


The vision for Oligo Professionnel remains the crafting of healthier and safer salon exclusive products made possible by our family’s expertise, which we continue to develop with patience and care. The complex and highly sophisticated technologies used in the Oligo series have been tested and re-tested, delivering the kind of performance, reliability, and excellence only true dedication can provide! 

Strands is proud to offer Oligo to our clients. As expert Oligo specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Clayton, MO area. 


Keratin Complex has changed the beauty industry - starting with our "signature" Smoothing Therapy and continuing with a complete range of products and styling tools.

Since our launch in 2007, Keratin Complex has led the way with innovative technology and amazing results. It is no wonder Keratin Complex is now the leading smoothing system in the

World! All Keratin Complex treatments and styling products are specially formulated to contain natural keratin protein, which rebuilds, restores, and rejuvenates all types of hair. No more bad hair days with Keratin Complex!

Strands is proud to offer Keratin Complex to our clients. As expert Keratin Complex specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Clayton, MO area. Our decision to offer Keratin Complex to our valued customers is part of this commitment.


Our patented active chemistry works on a molecular level to repair damaged and broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.  You can use OLAPLEX to restore damaged and compromised hair or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.

All hair can become compromised over time from environment, lifestyle, or age. The structural integrity also known as bonds can become weakened due to these effects. 

OLAPLEX works to rebuild broken bonds from within repairing, protecting, and strengthening hair. Turn dry, brittle, and damaged hair into silky, smooth, vibrant hair with OLAPLEX.

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Embrace pure, clean and natural above everything else. Free of formulas that harm our hair and the environment,

Aluram has distilled haircare to its most simple and beautiful form. From the first ingredient to the last, devotion to a modern, clean, and plant-driven approach allows meaningful “beauty beyond compromise.”.


Moroccanoil has become a sensation loved by stylists, celebrities, and clients alike!

Their innovative products are nutrient-rich and antioxidant infused. This quality line includes solutions for every hair type. Think of Morroccanoil as an essential vitamin… for your hair! Morrocanoil formulas leave your hair naturally shiny and smooth, all the while strengthening it from the inside out. Professionals and consumers prefer Morrocanoil oil because their products simply work!


Fueled by the knowledge and artistry from leading barbers, STMNT is a unique brand that goes beyond the product, this is a brand with purpose.

 A collective that respects people that have bold, authentic statements to make. People that stand up for what they believe in. This is a community that honors craftsmanship and strives to do better.


Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatments are the most innovative and effective in the world. through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies,

these treatments actually improve the health and condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle.

Strands is proud to offer Brazilian Blowout to our clients. As expert Brazilian Blowout specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Clayton, MO area. Our decision to offer Brazilian Blowout to our valued customers is part of this commitment.

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